surah baqarah last 3 ayats

Lessons from Surah Baqarah’s Last 3 Ayats

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surah baqarah is considered the longest surah in the Holy Qur’an, and it is the first surah revealed in Medina, with the exception of the verse 281. It was revealed during the Farewell Pilgrimage, and this is considered a Meccan verse. 

surah baqarah last 3 ayats have great merit and great reward, and it is of great greatness, containing within it some rulings and verses of legal ruqyah. Like other madani surahs, last 3 ayats of surah al baqarah dealt with a number of topics.

The most important of which is Islamic legislation, which regulates the lives of Muslims in the areas of worship and transactions, from establishing prayers, and giving gifts. Zakat, the provisions of jihad, punishments, and many other provisions.

What is the reason for the revelation of the last three verses of Surat Al-Baqarah?

The revelation of surah baqarah last 3 ayats dates back to the events that took place in Medina after the migration of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, from Mecca to Medina. 

These verses addressed many legal, social, economic, and religious issues that were of concern to Muslims in that period. 

One of the famous verses in this part is the verse on religion, usury (verse 278), which prohibits usury and encourages giving loans in a charitable and benevolent manner. 

This part also includes the verse on covering (verse 259), which talks about the ruling on covering women in public places. The surah ends with the famous supplication known as “Ayat al-Kursi” (verse 255), which is considered one of the greatest verses in the Holy Quran.

Topics of Surat Al-Baqarah

surah baqarah last 3 ayats covers many topics, the most important of which are the following:

  • surah baqarah are comprehensive in explaining the origins of Islam and its branches. They explain monotheism, the general and specific message, resurrection, and the practical pillars of Islam. 
  • They also address the beginning of creation and formation, and explain the conditions of the People of the Book, the polytheists, and the hypocrites. 
  • They explain some of the rulings on financial and marital transactions, and the rulings on fighting.
  • The first twenty verses of surah baqarah dealt with the types of people and their categories according to Allah’s division of them, namely: the righteous, the unbelievers, and the hypocrites, with an explanation of the characteristics of each type of them. 
  • Then from verse twenty-one to verse one hundred and sixty-seven, it contains a general call to all people to follow the path that leads to fear of Allah. 
  • And from verse one hundred and sixty-eight to verse two hundred and seven, the continuation of explaining piety and its significance, detailing its importance, and clarifying its pillars, conditions, what is included in it, and people’s position on it.
  • Then to verse two hundred and eighty-four, it contains a call to enter into Islam as a whole, and an explanation of many of the laws of Islam, and an explanation of what is necessary to establish Islam as a whole.
  • And it contains the main directives in matters of money, and it contains the main features of the economic system in Islam, the system based on charity, and the non-usury system. 
  • And the system is based on disciplined interaction, with the Malikis submitting to Allah. 
  • surah baqarah concluded by stating that all of this is due to faith, hearing, obedience, and repentance, and entrusting the Muslim according to his ability and ability.
  • surah baqarah mentioned some of the long history of the Jews, discussed their beliefs, and reminded them of Allah’s blessings upon them, and what befalls those who turn away from the truth.
  • surah baqarah mentioned the types of people and their characteristics, so the first among them are the pious. Their attributes: belief in the unseen, establishing prayer, paying zakat and alms, believing in the books and messengers, and complete certainty of reckoning and reward.

As for the second group, they are the unbelievers, and their attributes. Their failure to accept the truth, the corruption of their nature, and the blockage of their paths of understanding. 

As for the third type, they are the hypocrites, and the Surah described them; By pretending to believe, and a lot of color.

  • In the last half of surah baqarah, it mentions some Islamic legislation that makes Muslim society a distinct group from others in its acts of worship and dealings.

Such as the provisions for retaliation for premeditated murder, fasting, making a will, seclusion, warning against consuming people’s wealth unjustly, Hajj and Umrah, crescent moons, 

surah baqarah mishary


Objectives of Surat Al-Baqarah

surah baqarah last 3 ayats, in its complete unity, consists of an introduction, then four main objectives followed by a conclusion, which contains the overall objectives of Islam, and indications that the Holy Qur’an is a book of guidance, and the necessity of faith in the unseen.

Its introduction took care to introduce the Holy Qur’an and explain the guidance and success it contains for people, and to confirm that this is clear and clear, and only those who have no heart or who have a disease in their heart can deny it. As for its objectives, they are as follows:

  • The first purpose: to invite all people to the religion of Islam, to abandon the other religions and beliefs they used to follow, and to guide them to the fact that the religion of Islam is the only true religion acceptable to Allah Almighty.
  • The second purpose: to talk about the People of the Book and call on them to adhere to the truth called for by the Holy Qur’an and follow it, abandon their desires and falsehood, and follow the religion of Islam.
  • The third purpose: detailed speech and explanation about the laws of the religion of Islam.
  • The fourth purpose: to talk about the religious motive and motivation that drives a person to adhere to the law of Allah Almighty, and prevents him from abandoning it, neglecting it, or violating it.

last 3 ayats of surah al baqarah was concluded with a conclusion that clarifies the reality of those who responded and followed this comprehensive call.

Which is the call of Islam, and committed themselves to the purposes and legislation contained in it, and clarifies what is hoped for them in this world and in the hereafter.

benefits of surah baqarah last 3 ayat

It is worth noting that there are many benefits to reading surah baqarah last 3 ayats, so we will learn about benefits of surah baqarah last 3 ayat:

  • Among benefits of surah baqarah last 3 ayat are purity of mind, as the Muslim immerses himself daily in the Holy Qur’an, following its verses and rulings, and the greatness of Allah in His creation.
  • Memory strength; The best thing to organize a Muslim’s memory are surah baqarah last 3 ayats, through contemplation, memorization, and contemplation.
  • Tranquility of the heart, where those who recite surah baqarah and memorize its verses live with amazing tranquility, through which they are strengthened to face the difficulties they face.
  • A feeling of joy and happiness, which is an authentic fruit of the Muslim’s heart’s attachment to his Creator, by repeating His verses and glorifying Him.
  • Feeling courageous and strong, and getting rid of fear, sadness, stress and anxiety.
  • Reading surah baqarah last 3 ayats is a strength in the language. The one who lives with the verses of the Qur’an, and the precise eloquence, sweet explanation.

and strong language in them, will strengthen his language and enrich his vocabulary, especially when he lives with the Qur’an, contemplating its meanings.

  • Getting rid of chronic diseases, as it has been scientifically proven that maintaining recitation of surah baqarah last 3 ayats and listening to its verses strengthens a person’s immunity, enabling him to confront many chronic diseases.
  • Obtaining Allah’s satisfaction and His success in the affairs of this world brings him a blessing in sustenance and salvation from calamity.
  • Winning Paradise on the Day of Resurrection, as the Holy Qur’an will come on the Day of Resurrection to argue on behalf of its companion who was reading it, interceding for him.

In conclusion, surah baqarah is one of the longest surahs of the Holy Qur’an. It is also considered one of the Medinan surahs, unlike verse 281, which is Meccan. surah baqarah last 3 ayats contain many topics, as we mentioned benefits of surah baqarah last 3 ayat.

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