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The Miraculous Effects of Surah At-Tin: A Complete Guide

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surah at tin is a Meccan surah that Allah – Glory be to Him – revealed to His Messenger – may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him – in Mecca. surah at-tin is one of the Surahs of Al-Mufassal, and one of the shortest surahs of the Book. Its verses are only eight verses, and it is the ninety-fifth surah in the order of the surahs of the Noble Qur’an. 

surah at-tin benefits, in the thirtieth and final part and the sixtieth party. This blessed surah was revealed after Surah Al-Buruj, and it is one of the surahs at the beginning of which Allah Almighty swore by whatever He willed of His creation. In this article, we will shed light on surah at-tin benefits.

What are the purposes of Surat Al-Tin?

surah at tin is one of the Meccan surahs that was revealed in the Holy Qur’an. Its rank is the ninety-fifth surah of the Holy Qur’an, and the number of its verses is eight decisive verses. In addition to surah at-tin benefits. This surah has many benefits, purposes, and lessons, and among these purposes are the following:

1-Allah Almighty swore by these two blessed trees that are found in the Levant

And most likely he means Bethlehem in Palestine, which is the birthplace of Jesus Christ. In the land of the Arabian Peninsula, this tree does not grow. 

It is said that the purpose of the fig in surah at tin is a tree is the tree of Paradise that sent down our master Adam and our mother Eve from Paradise is for the earth. As it was said that this verse refers to the city of Turzita in Jerusalem, and it is also said that it refers to the Holy House itself.

And some see it as a reference to the olive branch that Noah’s dove was carrying after Noah released it from the ark in order to travel this flood, as this branch was evidence. For the flood to be revealed and the earth to grow again.

2-Allah swore by Mount At-Tur, which is Mount At-Tur in Sinai, where Moses spoke to Allah Almighty

Allah Almighty completed His great oath in the Sacred House of Allah, Mecca in surah at-tin, and the birthplace of the master of skin, may Allah’s prayers be upon him.

One of the manifestations of Allah Almighty’s blessings upon man is his distinction from all other beings by reason. Allah Almighty has made man in the best and most creative form among creation, and has instilled in all creation the nature of faith. 

Allah has bestowed His gratitude upon all creatures by creating everything in exquisite detail. As for man, He has bestowed many blessings on man. 

Among the Qur’anic verses is his good character and his distinction from other beings, as the Creator’s care exceeded and extended to man from the beginning of creation, and from here man’s spiritual characteristics emerge.

3-Allah Almighty created man and instilled within him the nature of faith and the nature of monotheism

He asked him to preserve this nature for the Day of the Hereafter, the day when he will meet his final resting place in surah at-tin. Either he will be in Paradise, which is the best destination, or he will be at the bottom of the wicked, Hell, with a miserable outcome.

Those who preserve their nature of faith from contamination by whims, instincts and sins and fear Allah and do what they are commanded to do in order to please Him, Glory be to Him, and perform their duties and what is imposed on them in order to face the face of Allah steadfastly.

Unlike those who indulge in whims and sins. A suitable shelter has been prepared for them so that they may taste the evil of what they have been. Working.

4-Allah is amazed and wonders about the reason that makes humans deviate from their nature

Of faith and do not adhere to Allah’s commands, as there is no logical reason for this matter. Allah Almighty created the universe and created and bestowed gratitude upon all creatures with His generosity and wisdom.

And He gave man a mind with which to think in order to reach pure and emanating faith in Allah Almighty in surah at-tin. From his secret nature, how can people become disbelievers with all these blessings and all this evidence and data of His Almighty power?

5-Allah Almighty is just

and His justice is equal to nothing. He has prepared for all of mankind a special day of judgment in which He will be just among all of humanity, and He will hold man accountable for his deeds, good and bad, good and bad.

He who nourishes his nature of faith in the truth and keeps it obedient to Allah and adheres to His commands and avoids His prohibitions will have a blessed abode. 

Those who do not abide by Allah’s commands and wreak havoc on the earth and pollute their faith by following desires and sins, they will face hell for their work.

surah at tin mishary al afasy


Lessons learned from Surat At-Tin

surah at-tin benefits contain many lessons and lessons that are clear to the reader of the surah. Among these lessons are the following:

  • Allah Almighty swore by the fig and the olive, the two blessed trees that Allah Almighty blessed in Jerusalem, because these blessed trees do not grow in the land of Hijaz.
  • Allah completed his oath with Mount Tur in surah at tin, located in Sinai, where Allah Almighty appointed Moses, peace be upon him.
  • Allah was not satisfied with this only, but then he swore by His Sacred House in Mecca in surah at-tin, The blessed verses highlight the creation of man in a better way than other creatures. 
  • Among the benefits of surah at-tin, where the mind gave him to explain to him between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, good and evil, so he has a choice in this.
  • Among surah at-tin benefits that Allah Almighty created man with the nature of faith, “the nature of monotheism,” and gave him reason to analyze matters and take reasons. 
  • Either he maintains this nature, he will be rewarded, or he indulges it in whims and sins, and he is destroyed.
  • Allah created man from water and dust, and his last refuge will be in dust and water, so that he may meet his Lord by his deeds.
  • Allah Almighty has promised reward to those who preserved their nature of faith, as they feared the punishment of Allah and did righteous deeds seeking to see His face and His satisfaction. 

So Allah Almighty prepared for them gardens of bliss and a pleasant shelter, as their reward and reward in the Hereafter is unrivaled.

  • Allah Almighty is astonished by people who lie about religion despite their knowledge of Allah’s power in surah at tin, which is manifested in His many blessings, and His ability to be creative in creating the universe and in His creation of creatures in the simplest things.
  • Allah Almighty is the best ruler and the best of them. He is justice, the bond of justice, judgment, and the bond of rule. 
  • By His greatness and wisdom, the universe is revealed, and Allah’s justice is revealed on the day when truth is established, on the day of truth, on the Day of Resurrection. 
  • So those whose scales are heavy with truth, their abode is Paradise, and those whose scales are weighed down by falsehood, for them is an evil abode, the Fire, and an evil destination.

Summary of Surat Al-Tin

surah at tin is a Meccan surah with eight verses. It was revealed in Mecca after Surat Al-Buruj and before Surat Al-Quraysh. Surat Al-Buruj was revealed between the migration of the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, to Abyssinia.

And the event of the Isra of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, to Jerusalem, so the date of the revelation of surah at-tin is in this The main and fundamental surah at-tin benefits and topic addressed in its noble verses is the correct and sound nature that Allah – the Almighty – has placed in His servants since their birth.

And Allah – the Almighty – confirms and clarifies this truth by saying: The fig, the olive, and Tur Sunin, and this is a trustworthy country. It was named surah at tin after the first verse of its verses.

Many meanings have been given to the concept of figs and olives. It was said that they are two mountains found in the Levant, and it was said that they are the two fruits that we know in our lives.

And Allah Almighty used the method of division because they are among the trees that enjoy their rich benefits and many good things, and one of their characteristics is that they give fruit


At the end of the text, surah at tin is one of the Meccan surahs of the Qur’an, and like other Meccan surahs, surah at-tin included multiple topics revolving specifically around doctrine and faith. In addition, we mentioned the benefits of

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