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The Quran with Tajweed online course provider is Alhafidz Academy. They provide a wide range of online Arabic and Quran classes, as well as Islamic Studies, so that you or your children may learn quickly and simply.

For a considerable amount of time, they were the forerunners in the online Quran teaching sector because of their committed and knowledgeable tutoring staff. Each member of their teaching team speaks Arabic and English fluently, allowing them to guide students appropriately and meaningfully as they explore their areas of expertise in each course we provide.

What we offer to our students ?

Learning the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies while lounging in your house is now possible for our students with online classes. Thousands of Muslim students use Zoom and Skype classes to learn the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies from our qualified online arabic tutor then you can get online masters Islamic studies.

Parents have the ability to constantly check their children’s learning and track their daily development right in front of them. We provide a huge selection of adult and kid-oriented online courses.

3 Simple Steps To Get Your Classes Started With Alhafidz Academy

The Alhafidz Academy is one well-known Quranic institution that made a substantial contribution to this admirable goal. Alhafidz Academy is a lighthouse for learning and spiritual development because of its dedication to providing a top-notch education and upholding Islamic traditions.

By fusing conventional and contemporary teaching techniques, the institution fosters an atmosphere that promotes students’ comprehension of and reverence for the Quran’s passages.

There is no religious meaning to memorizing the Quran in these institutions; it is only a method of advancing knowledge. Foster self-control, fidelity, and character in your students. Furthermore, memorization fosters moral principles and compassion while enhancing mental clarity and focus. 3 Simple Steps To Get Your Classes Started With Alhafidz Academy:

Reserve a Free Trial Session

Fill out the form to schedule a free trial online class at Alhafidz Academy. This will allow student assistance to get in touch with you and validate the time slot you choose.

Verify the Schedule

The Alhafidz Academy instructor allocated to your request for a free trial will get in touch with you via phone, WhatsApp, or email within 24 hours to confirm the appointment and provide more information.

Install the Zoom or Skype app

To begin the lesson at the appointed time, download the app, and be sure to be online on the app at that specific time.

Take advantage of TWO FREE Trial lessons by starting your learning adventure now if you want to have the opportunity to learn the Quran, Arabic, or Islamic Studies from the greatest and most knowledgeable online Quran teachers!

Course for memorizing the Quran

Tutors may teach students how to remember the Quran in an orderly way that ensures they retain the knowledge and yields quick results in the Quran Memorization course. Quran teachers in this course emphasize correct tajweed reading in addition to memorizing.

Course on Reciting the Quran

You will learn how to read the Quran according to the Tajweed guidelines in the Quran recitation course. Tajweed rules might be difficult to master, but with the help of their knowledgeable tutors, it's incredibly simple to do so.

The lessons we provide to our students at Alhafidz Academy

Alhafidz Academy offers expert online tutoring for the Quran to both adults and children, with a 99% user satisfaction rate. You may select from their helpful courses and take a complimentary trial class. Among their core courses are:

Course on Quran Tajweed with Islamic Studies certificate online

With the help of this online Tajweed course, you may learn Tajweed the right way by hearing, reciting, and receiving corrections from a qualified Quran Tajweed teacher. The top websites for online Quran teaching seem to provide a wide range of possibilities from which you may select the one that best fits your needs. This should eliminate any excuses for you to begin studying the Quran right now in the convenience of your own home. What are you waiting for sign up now with us at Alhafidz Academy. Quran teachers in this course emphasize correct tajweed reading in addition to memorizing.

Course on Qaida basics

Beginners who start their studies with Noorani Qaida are intended for this course. Every instructor uses Noorani Qaida to communicate the required knowledge about Islam while adhering to this. When you enroll your children in this course, they will learn the principles of correctly reading the Arabic text found in the Quran, quickly acquire beginner-level skills through an efficient learning method, practice what they have learned gradually with exercises designed to develop fluency in reading the Quran and interact with a certified instructor who will monitor their reading and provide guidance.

Our Students​

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