Teaching the Holy Quran


Unlock The Treasures Of Arabic And The Quran

Alhafidz academy is a Place That Helps in The Growth Of Your Arabic Language and Quran Memorization

Noor Al-Bayan

Noor al bayan is a renowned educational methodology designed to help individuals, particularly children, improve their reading and writing skills in Arabic

Sunni Online Quran

Alhafidz Academy offers you online Sunni Quran Classes to help you learn about Islam and the Quran from a trusted and qualified Sunni Quran teacher

Quran For Beginners

By choosing a reputable quran classes online, you can gain a deeper understanding of the Quran's teachings and enhance your spiritual connection

Quran for Kids

Al hafidz academy uses various engaging techniques, games, and interactive methods to make the memorization process enjoyable and effective

Quran For Adults

Quran memorization classes play a significant role in guiding and supporting individuals through the sacred journey of memorizing the Quran, offering structured learning, expert guidance

Quran for Females

Online quran classes for females not only enable women to deepen their spiritual connection but also contribute to their personal growth and understanding of their faith

Ijazah Course

by receiving this Ijazah, the reader's chain of transmission is connected back to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Quran Recitation

Discover the convenience of quran recitation classes online, offering a structured curriculum and interactive sessions to help you grasp the essence of recitation, all accessible from any location.

Online Quran Reading

Quran reading classes are very important for Muslims, even if you are Arabic fluent, as the Quranic reading has special and particular rules, Those rules are based on a science called Tajweed.

Learn Quran Online

learning quran online course, overcome all the obstacles that you could face through the traditional way, time issues, place and transportation problems, inconvenient fees, and lack of parental supervision

Unlock The Treasures Of Arabic And The Quran

A Place That Helps in The Growth Of Your Arabic Language and Quran Memorization

noor al-bayan

Sunni Online Quran Classes

Quran Classes For Beginners

Quran Classes for Kids

Quran Classes For Adults

Quran Classes for Females

Ijazah Course

Quran Recitation Course

Online Quran Reading

Learn Quran Online

Quran Recitation with Tajweed

Through personalized online sessions, this course will help you recite the Quran, with an emphasis on correct Tajweed rules. You or your child will learn all the rules and pronunciation of Tajweed and pronounce diacritics correctly with our practical learning application. Our method guides you step by step through reading aloud. Background in Arabic and Quran is not needed.

reciting the holy quran daily top 12 benefits
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