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Reading al quran has its special place in Islam as it's the first command to our prophet PBUH from Allah. It's a worship and a supplication to have a special place in the hereafter and to have a blessing from Allah in money, family, and children. Many virtues can't be counted, but it can be summarized in the statement” Quran is the words of Allah Almighty”.

Quran reading classes are very important for Muslims, even if you are Arabic fluent, as the Quranic reading has special and particular rules, Those rules are based on a science called Tajweed.

Our online quran reading classes will be your instructor to graduate from the beginner level to the fluency, regardless of where you are.

Our quran reading classes online will be taught by certified and qualified tutors and studied between the hands of eminent reciters and scholars. The teachers use special methodologies that will differ according to your level of Arabic language and your knowledge of tajweed rules.

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