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This is our teachers page. You can visit our website Al Hafidz Academy from anywhere at any time to start studying the Quran with the best Quran tutor online. Our trained online Quran teachers can provide individuals of any age with personalized Quran instruction anywhere in the world. Our lecturers are all highly qualified professionals with degrees related to their industries. We promise that you will quickly grasp the core lessons found in the Quran.

Our teachers ​

On our teachers page, we want to tell you that With the top online Quran teacher from across the globe, you may accelerate your specific learning objectives.

If you want to learn about the Quran, Tajweed, and Ijazah but don’t have much time to attend regular lessons, here is a great opportunity from our teachers. These individuals can enroll in our Institute and learn what they want at a reasonable cost.

We cordially invite you to enroll in our online course, which will teach you about Islam through an examination and interpretation of the Quran, the primary sacred scripture, even if you have no prior understanding of Islam or Muslim civilizations.

The attributes and values of our virtual Quran teacher online

To provide the greatest online Quran education experience, Al Hafidz Academy applies extremely stringent and precise employment requirements. Among the traits and principles we consider while selecting our quran tutor are:

Possession of the Subject

Our online Quran teachers’ primary and most important attribute is their subject-matter expertise. Hafiz-e-Quran, an experts in Tajweed and recitation with strong recitation abilities, is one of our Quran teachers. Our Arabic instructors are well qualified with research studies and skills related to the Arabic language.

Outstanding Tajweed and Recitation Abilities

Every Arabic and Quran online tutor is exceptionally proficient in Tajweed and recitation. The highest standards for our teachers are the finest Tajweed and recitation skills.

It is essential to teach the Quran with the proper pronunciation and accent for everyone, but especially for beginners. If they learned to read the Quran but not by Tajweed guidelines, it would be more difficult to amend and correct it afterward. It might take twice as long as the initial education.

We have an online female Quran teacher

Many women need some privacy in studying and want to learn the Qur’an at the hands of a Quran teacher female and not a male teacher, so we provide them with a female Quran teacher with high experience and efficiency in teaching the Qur’an in intonation.

Experienced and Skilled in Instruction

Periodically, we also conduct teacher training programs to keep our teachers updated on the latest techniques for teaching Arabic and the Quran online, as well as innovative mentor approaches.

To ensure that every student gets the most out of the instructor during class, our online tutors for the Quran employ effective mentoring techniques.

Calm and Patience

In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) emphasizes persistence in all situations. We recognize the value of perseverance for an online teacher and urge all of its teachers to exercise extreme patience with every one of their pupils.

The best online Quran instructor, in our opinion, treats all of his students with the utmost care and consideration, especially the younger ones.


Al Hafidz Academy prioritizes teachers being on time. We guarantee that all instructors are accessible for online Tajweed and Quran lessons at the designated hour. You don’t need to hold out for your instructor.

Superb Communication Ability

We exclusively hire teachers with outstanding communication skills since these are crucial for online instruction. We consistently strive to make it better and better. Because of this, every online teacher of the Quran possesses remarkable interpersonal skills.

Extremely economical

Periodically, we also conduct teacher training programs to keep our teachers updated on the latest techniques for teaching Arabic and the Quran online, as well as innovative mentor approaches.

To ensure that every student gets the most out of the instructor during class, our online tutors for the Quran employ effective mentoring techniques.

Abdullah Khaled

Asslam alykum wa rahmat Allah wa Barkatw, Greetings on our teachers page, I'm Abdullah Khaled, and I'm the Arabic, and Islamic Tajweed instructor for those who do not speak Arabic as their first language. I attended to study at Al-Azhar University, I have Ijazah with Hafs An Assim Rewayah and I have memorized the entire Quran. I provide courses in Tajweed, Nor Albayan, and how to educate non-native Arabic speakers on all aspects of the language.

My Soft skills are:

• Presentation and communication abilities.

• Collaboration and the capacity to perform under pressure.

• Self-improvement and flexibility.

• Classroom administration.

• Aspirational.

Salma Abdeltawab

Welcome to our teachers page, I'm From Egypt, My name is Salma Abdeltawab. I'm a teacher of Arabic, the Qur'an, and Islamic studies for women and children. I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, at Cairo University. I have a certificate proving that the entire Holy Quran was memorably completed in 2015. Additionally, in 2021, I was granted permission to narrate Hafs in the Holy Qur'an based on Asim's authority.

The courses I took:

• Islamic studies classes (Tawheed, Seerah, and Fiqh).

The languages I speak:

• English, Arabic (mother tongue).

I truly enjoy what I do. I have experience teaching Tajweed rules and helping students become better recitationists. I can communicate ideas simply and effectively, making lessons easier for students to understand. I have taught Muslim mothers and children, and I always try to make the class fun and beneficial, especially for the younger students. I also efficiently plan the lessons to meet the goals of the curriculum. Therefore, I assure you and your children that learning Quraan, Arabic, and Islamic subjects will be different.

Jannah Muhammad

I'm Jannah Muhammad. I am proud to be included on our teachers page. I'm an Islamic teacher, Arabic, and Qur'an teacher for ladies and children. I Graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo's Arabic language department of the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies. • I have a certificate proving that the Holy Quran in its entirety was memorably completed in 2013. • I have taken Islamic studies courses like fiqh, Tawheed, seerah, and proofreading in the Arabic language. • I'm speaking fluent in English, Turkish, and Arabic (my mother tongue).

I am an enthusiastic individual who genuinely enjoys my profession. I aspired to acquire several languages so that I could instruct others worldwide about Islam, thus I enjoyed instructing Muslim moms and their children. My goal is to make the lessons enjoyable and beneficial, especially for the younger students. Therefore, I guarantee that you and your kids will have a unique learning experience in Quran, Arabic, and Islamic subjects.

Ahmed Anan

Our teachers page includes Ahmed Anan. This is my name, I'm from Egypt. I teach Arabic, Islamic studies, and the Quran in Egypt. I received my degree from Egypt's Suez Canal University's Faculty of Medicine. I began studying Tajweed and the Holy Quran at an early age. At fourteen, the Holy Quran was in my memory because I memorized it. I put a lot of work into learning Tajweed both in theory and practice so that I could effortlessly and fluently read the holy Quran. I'm now working toward receiving an Ijaza in Hafs. I had studied alot in this field before like Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh, and Aqidah, among other Islamic studies. Additionally,

I have a certificate from the Quranic Studies Tafsir Center in interpretation sciences. I have been teaching the Quran with Tajweed, Islamic studies, Noor Al-Bayan, and Fath Al-Rahman at several online Quran academies for the last two years. Considering that I make sure students make the most out of each minute spent on their course, my teaching strategies and course ideas are beneficial. Because I can easily explain the tajweed rules to both adults and children, I have helped several pupils throughout the globe understand the Qur'an. I'll take you from nothing to the top very rapidly.
Furthermore, I possess exceptional abilities for instructing non-Arabic speakers in Arabic. I teach Arabic and the Quran using easy-to-understand techniques. My courses with kids are engaging and enjoyable because I draw them in with a range of interactive techniques. I also like to teach online using Zoom and Skype, and I have expertise in combining engaging lesson plans with technological tools like PowerPoint, movies, images, and other educational software.


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