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Quran tutoring brings reassurance to the soul and revives the withered soul with the overflowing springs of the Qur’an with all meanings of warmth, solace, and comfort. There is no doubt that the heart’s faith increases and its pulse shines; Reciting it is a pure act of devotion to Allah Almighty, and it builds solid bridges for the afterlife. 

Therefore, Quran tutoring in circles to students in the early stages was a foundation and foundation that was no less important than memorization, understanding, and other things. This means the necessity of adhering to the etiquette of the Holy Qur’an and accustoming children to loving it and longing for it.

What is the Quran tutoring program for adults?

To Quran tutoring with the provisions of Tajweed, you can resort to one of the programs for Quran tutoring, and one of the best of these programs is the  Al Hafidz Academy, which specializes in Quran tutoring to adults and children through a group of the best teachers who have a degree in the Qur’an.

Through Al Hafidz Academy, you can learn to read the Qur’an simply and easily, with the ability to communicate with male and female teachers at any time, where the rules of intonation are taught, the expressions of words are corrected, and the pronunciation of words is improved.

The Al Hafidz Academy for quran tutoring remotely also allows you to choose the appropriate time for you to learn and memorize the Qur’an without being restricted to a specific time, and you can choose your educational plan and path. It is worth noting that the Qur’an teaching and memorization sessions operate 24 hours a day.

The most important tips that can be followed when learning to read and recite the Qur’an

The goal of Quran tutoring is to help Muslims master memorizing the Qur’an in an easy way that suits the student’s capabilities, so here are some tips that will help you in Quran tutoring:

  • Before you start Quran tutoring, you must learn the rules of Tajweed, which enable you to read correctly without errors.
  • You must be careful to listen to the Holy Qur’an frequently in the voice of one of the reciters who are proficient in Tajweed.
  • You should read the Qur’an with Tajweed daily.
  • You can use a Tajweed Qur’an in which the rules of Tajweed are in color, so you can notice them easily and this helps you to recite Tajweed easily and smoothly.
  • You can search for one of the theoretical books or approved e-books that teach the provisions of Tajweed.
  • Choose the appropriate time and place to read the Qur’an away from noise so as not to distract attention.
  • When learning to memorize the Qur’an using Tajweed, you must link the verses together, be careful to interpret them, and check the origins of the words.
  • Before learning Tajweed, you must be familiar with the rules of the Arabic language, along with its correct pronunciation.
  • Reading the Holy Qur’an aloud enables you to learn Tajweed and recite correctly.
  • It is important to make a daily plan by specifying the surahs or verses that you will recite into Tajweed and recite them daily, and this will help you become proficient in Tajweed.
  • It is important to choose a Qur’an with a clear font and the background of the writing is comfortable to look at. This helps the elderly to learn and recite the Qur’an faster.

Important recommendations for Qur’an teachers

The Qur’an teacher is advised to do many things in Quran tutoring, including:

  • Be careful to use the gradual method in Quran tutoring.
  • The teacher begins by teaching the correct pronunciation of letters and words, then ridding the students of the problems of pronunciation defects, such as stuttering, affluence, and others, and ridding them of being influenced by dialects in their local and foreign forms, and training them to pronounce words without obvious melodies, then correcting hidden errors little by little.
  • Do not allow students to move from one page to another until they are sure that they have mastered the first well; In terms of pronunciation of words and movements.
  • Training students to discover their mistakes themselves in quran tutoring; The teacher does not reject the error but rather is patient with them. So they know what mistake they made.
  • He does not assign them more than they can bear but rather assigns each student according to his ability. The weak do not feel helpless, and the distinguished do not feel bored or bored.
  • Using a balancing method between new memorization and revision. One does not overpower the other, and students do not move to a new memorization without confirming the old memorization.

Why choose Al Hafidz Academy?

We have long experience in Quran tutoring field, and therefore we can provide you with distinguished services. Such as:

Alqaida alnorania

This course is designed as a first step in learning the Qur’an for children. After completing this course, the student will be able to recognize the Arabic alphabet.

Their pronunciation, basic rules, different symbols, and linking letters. This course establishes the basic foundation for understanding and reading the Qur’an correctly.

Tajweed course 

This course is for students who have already completed the Qaida course (the first step to the Quran) or already have some basic knowledge of the Arabic language.

In this course students will add beauty to their recitation of the Quran, and students will get extra attention from our well-qualified teacher to improve the overall flow of the recitation.

Quran tafseer course 

This course is intended for students who have already completed the Qaida course (The First Step to the Quran) or already have some basic knowledge of the Arabic language. 

In this course, students will read an explanation of the Qur’an. Students will receive extra attention from our well-qualified teacher to learn everything that an interpreter would expect in the Quran.

Quran tutoring

This course is intended for children who have learned the basic rules of Tajweed to read the Qur’an correctly and accurately. There is a proficient reciter Sheikh who guides the students on how to read the Qur’an

Arabic courses

Our experienced online Quran teachers teach students the basics of the Arabic language making them read, write, speak and easily listen to Arabic.


At the end of the article, Quran tutoring is one of the things that Muslims are looking for, as memorizing the Holy Qur’an has a great reward, virtue, and reward. Therefore, Al Hafidz Academy offers various courses other than Quran tutoring for those wishing to join it.

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