Effortlessly Memorize the Quran: The Best Quran Memorization Website

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Many Muslims are looking for the Quran memorization website. This is because all Muslims who live in many different parts, whether old or young, want to get easy and quick ways that help them memorize the Holy Quran, and this is what we will present to you Currently, all Muslims who want to get closer to Allah Almighty want to memorize the Glorious Book of Allah. So in the following lines we will discuss Quran memorization website.

Requirements for memorizing the Holy Quran easily

In addition to Quran memorization website, here are some recommendations that you should consider before starting to memorize the Holy Qur’an, which is represented in the following points:

  • Dear Muslim, you should bring the Qur’an along with a white sheet of paper and a pencil.
  • You should be able to memorize about ten pages a day, and this makes you able to memorize quickly in a short time.
  • It is possible to prepare some of the audio recordings of some reciters to memorize the Qur’an with Tajweed.

Ways to memorize the Holy Quran quickly

If you want to memorize the Qur’an and master its recitation, you cannot rely only on Quran memorization website, but rather you must work hard and persevere, so here are these methods that will help you memorize alongside the quran memorization website:

1-You, must listen to the recitations of the Holy Qur’an, and they must be by the most famous reciters, including Sheikh Al-Minshawi or Abdul Basit, and this must be done before starting quick memorization.

2-This greatly helps in quran memorization website well and with the correct intonation of all the fragrant Quranic verses. Listening to this recitation is repeated as needed daily if you can. This helps in consolidating the Qur’anic verses within the listener’s mind.

3-It is also better to listen to all the audio recordings of the famous recitations and to repeat the Qur’anic verses with the reader at the same time. It is better to start reading with your heart before your tongue, as this will help you consolidate the quran memorization website.

4-Quranic verses are listened to all the time because they are among the things that help in quickly memorizing the Holy Qur’an easily and quickly with correct intonation.

5-If you want to read the Qur’an completely, you must organize your time and schedule listening from the beginning of the Qur’an to the end. 

6-There is also no objection to starting with various surahs, such as starting with Surah Yasin or Surah Ar-Rahman and other surahs, and this helps in quick memorization of the Holy Qur’an.

Advice from some sheikhs for those who want to memorize the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Holy Qur’an only comes through diligence and perseverance, so here are some tips from sheikhs who are skilled in memorizing the Qur’an, which will help you in memorizing alongside the Quran memorization website:

1-You have to wake up early in the morning, preferably after the dawn prayer, and allocate some time

To save, then take a rest and engage in recreational activities such as watching useful programs or browsing

Internet and then you have to go back to spending some time memorizing the Qur’an.

2-You must set some of your own goals on the Quran memorization website. It is possible to determine that you will memorize one or two pages a day, and this is determined according to the time available.

3-In the event of surrender, you must memorize three or 5 lines daily, then allocate about 20 minutes. At least daily to memorize the Qur’an, and stay away from sources of noise, crowds, and people when memorizing as much as possible.

4-It is possible to begin the rapid memorization of the Qur’an naturally by repeating well-known and short verses to commit them to memory.

5-You can write 5 verses on pieces of white paper and place them inside one of the same envelopes in beautiful shapes, and read these verses over and over at frequent intervals, with the aim of the Quran memorization website.

6-Memorize the verses and use every creative moment throughout the day to read and memorize the lines of the Qur’an that are committed to memory. For example, it is possible to have some free minutes during the time you are waiting for an appointment, a car, a doctor’s office, or some other service.

7-It is possible for you to keep a list of daily verses inside your handbag or anything of yours that is easy to access, and you should refer to it in case you want to memorize or remember what you have previously memorized.

8-Prayer times are important: Read what you have memorized before prayer and during the prayer itself. This will strengthen your memory and memorize it perfectly. You can change verses in all five prayers, and this will be on all days until you devote them to consolidating your memorization.

The fastest way to memorize the Holy Quran for adults

In search of the best Quran memorization website, Al Hafidz Academy offers many Quran courses, which will help you master memorization according to the following methods:

  • If one page contains 15 lines, then at the end of the week you should have memorized at least 30 pages of the Holy Quran.
  • You must continue with this plan until you memorize the entire Qur’an.
  • It is possible to interpret the verses and meditate on their meanings, and this helps in memorizing them easier.
  • One of the best things on Quran memorization website is a secluded place because silence helps you focus more and makes you always remember what you have memorized.
  • Memorizing early in the morning helps you memorize easily and quickly.
  • If the mobile phone or television is distracting you, you should turn them off several hours before the memorization time, in order to increase concentration in memorizing the Qur’an.

The easiest way to memorize the Holy Quran

When we talk about Quran memorization websites, we will find many of them, but what are the ways that help us memorize the Qur’an if we want to memorize it at home?

  • You must perform ablution, which is one of the important things that must be done when touching the Holy Qur’an, and this is according to the four basic schools of jurisprudence. In this case, the preservation of the Book of Allah is done directly.
  • Read the verse you want to memorize from the Holy Quran and you can first listen to the sheikhs who recite the Holy Qur’an with its correct Tajweed to memorize it well and correctly.
  • You must also read the verse six times, and this is while looking at the Holy Qur’an and standing by reading it very carefully by looking at each letter and using the colored Qur’an to perfect the Tajweed.

In the end, when you want to memorize the entire Qur’an through the Quran memorization website, you must choose a pure person who can read the Holy Qur’an correctly to test you and listen to all the verses that you have memorized. This is divided over several days until you complete memorizing all the surahs by heart.

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