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Mastering Arabic: Dive Into the Most Essential Common Words Today!

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The arabic words common belong to the family of Semitic languages and are considered among the six best languages in the world. It is one of the main religious languages in the world, being the language of the Islamic religion and the language of the Holy Qur’an, and the language of the Islamic world in first place and the Arab world in second place. 

learn arabic common words is divided into three sections: The original Arabic language is derived from the Holy Qur’an, which was the official language of the Arabian Peninsula. The modern Arabic language, it is derived from the Classical Arabic language and is used in news, newspapers, religious and social sermons, and books. Below we will learn about how to learn common arabic words.

how do learn common arabic words?

Speaking about learn arabic common words. The grammar of modern contemporary Arabic largely follows the grammatical standards of classical Arabic, and uses much of the same vocabulary, but the study of its grammar is primarily based on grammatical inflection or parsing.

From which all the laws and structures of the language branch and fall under, as is the case in other Semitic languages. The arabic words common has a complex and unusual structure, which is the way words are built from the basic root;

The root consists of a group of letters, usually three in number, with the possibility of finding words with four, five, or six basic letters, and they are combined in a discontinuous pattern to form words or behave according to tight grammatical weights. 

The easiest way to learn arabic common words is to know the parts into which words are divided. They are either nouns, verbs, or letters. Nouns come in three forms: Singular, dual, and plural, and they have genders: Masculine and feminine, and may be defined or undefined, and derivable or not. 

As for verbs in the Arabic language, they follow the individual, gender, and number, as is the case with nouns, and they are conjugated in the forms: The past, present, and imperative in terms of the timing of the verb, its form, and its intended meaning.

The easiest ways to learn common Arabic words

There are many ways to learn common arabic words, and partial grammar is considered the most difficult to learn for both Arabs themselves and foreigners who are trying to learn it.

As it contains many cases, linguistic structures, and constants that require application and practice. The methods vary in their speed, effectiveness, and extent of their attraction to learners according to the preference of each of them. Here is an explanation of that:

  • Reading: Reading is an important source for deducing the rules of the arabic words common and learning about its syntax used in formal Arabic.
  • Listening to Arabic speakers: Getting to know the rules of the Arabic language through listening and communicating with others is more effective and enjoyable than studying the rules from the beginning. 

In this way, the learner can get to know the linguistic formulations, meanings, and methods of expression used before studying the rules in their strict and serious form.

  • Study: It is inevitable to study and learn arabic common words, understand them, memorize them, and learn about ways to apply them practically. It is important to study them carefully and understand all of their parts and ways of using them in the written and spoken language.
  • Grammar books: Books that focus on grammar in explanation, detail, and application may help the learner, as they may constitute the learner’s gateway to integrating formal rules and their practical uses.
  • Learning the history of the language: Learning about the history of the Arabic language may constitute a motivation and a first step towards learning it, as we know, motivation is the most important factor in the learning process for languages and other subjects.
  • Reading the Qur’an: The Qur’an is the primary source of the Arabic words common in its most correct and optimal form, so reading it is one of the ways that help hone language skills and deepen understanding of the language by taking advantage of the power of the Qur’anic language.
  • Intensive practice through writing: The learner can write short texts in Arabic and have them reviewed by a native speaker. To correct errors and improve his linguistic formulation.
  • Watching films and series that speak Arabic in its correct linguistic form: Listening is the first step towards learning the correct language in speaking and communicating with others, and thus achieving the first goal of learning languages.

The best books to learn Arabic

There are different books about learn arabic common words and their grammar, but there are some simplified books that may be suitable for learners in the early stages of their journey towards mastering the arabic words common, and they are mentioned below:

  • The book “Mastering the Arabic Language”: by authors Jane Wyke and Muhammad Jaafar, begins with teaching the Arabic letters, then basic words and terms used in daily life, grammar, and arabic words common.
  • “Living Language Ultimate Arabic” book: At its beginner and intermediate levels, the book is divided into 35 lessons to teach reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking, starting from scratch.
  • Book Alif Baa: An Introduction to the Letters and Sounds of the Arabic Language: Specialized in teaching words and their correct pronunciation by including words and instructions on how to pronounce them by controlling the movement of the lips and tongue, for example; The book also introduces both how to learn arabic common words and Arabic with its Egyptian accent.
  • The Arabic Alphabet Book: Explains how to write and read it, as it is based on the learner’s definition of the letters, their pronunciation and use, and the cases in which they are presented in full detail, as the book is suitable for learners in the first stage of learning the language.
  • A grammatical reference book for Modern Standard Arabic: It contains 39 units included within the 700 pages of this book, as it focuses on all the details of the language from pronunciation and writing to grammar in a detailed and comprehensive manner that suits the learner’s curiosity. 

It also contains an introduction that addresses how to learn common arabic words and how to use the Arabic dictionary to extract meanings for Learner assistance, along with a list of contents and other suggested materials.

  • The book “Your First 100 Words in Arabic: Beginner’s Quick & Easy Guide to Demystifying Non-Roman Scripts”: deals with the 100 most used Arabic words and phrases.

 With a focus on their explanation, structure, and daily use, in addition to many written exercises and games that help the learner to Remember information, and constantly reinforce new learning points.

  • The book on the use of Arabic, a guide to the modern use of the language: It addresses classical Arabic and the different dialects as an introduction, in addition to many linguistic issues related to the nature of arabic words common, then provides a comprehensive explanation of the rules of the Arabic language from the simplest to the most complex, respectively.

After the text, learn arabic common words is one of the things that makes it easier for the student during the journey of learning the Arabic language, as the presence of arabic words common helps the learner to employ this vocabulary in the various situations he encounters in his day, and thus is reflected in his level in the Arabic language.

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