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quran and islamic studies online are one of the highest sciences, and Sharia law has encouraged learning Sharia sciences and teaching them to others, making them among the best forms of worship and closeness to Allah Almighty. 

In our current era, with the spread of the phenomenon of electronic educational sites and distance learning, a group of useful quran and islamic studies online have appeared. These sites are distinguished by facilitating learning for all groups, without restrictions in place and time, and most of them are free without paying any fees.

The importance of quran and islamic studies online

The importance of seeking Quran and islamic studies online lies in several matters, perhaps the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Obtaining the merit of seeking legal knowledge.
  • Understanding religion and Sharia, then worship based on knowledge and knowledge.
  • Acquiring knowledge to carry the message of education and advocacy to others.
  • The student of Islamic knowledge may gain fear, piety, and awe, after being acquainted with the Qur’anic verses and the Prophet’s hadiths.
  • Studying Islamic sciences brings good fruits to the heart of the learner. Where his negligence and thinness disappear.
  • Benefiting the nation with what it has learned, and working to spread it and teach it to others; To eliminate ignorance and misguidance. 

Benefits of seeking Quran and Islamic studies online

If the student of Quran and Islamic studies online seeks knowledge sincerely and diligently, Allah will bestow upon him many great benefits.

The benefits of seeking Quran and islamic studies online are numerous, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Seeking Islamic knowledge leads its owner to Paradise.
  • Winning the status of scholars in the nation, as scholars are considered the heirs of the prophets.
  • Gaining the quality of goodness, if you learn or teach the Holy Qur’an, and it is said that some scholars mean by it all the sciences of the Qur’an.
  • Allah raises scholars in degrees in this world and the hereafter.
  • Winning the prayers of the angels upon you, if you take on the task of teaching people goodness. The prayers of the angels mean their supplications and seeking forgiveness for you.
  • Allah grants scholars the status of the highest of the highest among the angels who are close to Him.
  • Learning with Quran and islamic studies online and then teaching it to others is considered ongoing charity, which remains for the deceased after his death. 

Departments of Quran and Islamic studies online

Scholars have divided the Quran and islamic studies online into four main sections, and the sections of Quran and Islamic studies online are as follows:

Section One

It includes source sciences, meaning the Qur’an, the science of interpretation, the noble Prophet’s hadith, and explanations of the books of the Prophet’s Sunnah.

Second section

It includes the sciences of objectives, that is, those that Muslims intend for their own sake, which are the sciences of belief, monotheism, jurisprudence, and the science of ethics and behavior.

Section Three

It includes machine science, which means the sciences intended to be learned to facilitate the learning of another Islamic science, for example learning Tajweed to learn the Holy Qur’an. 

Section Four

It is the last section, according to the division of scholars, and includes two sections known as Al-Aqd and Al-Malh, and it has its own sciences section.

Where the contract means other original legal sciences that are also required, such as: the science of interpretation and the science of principles.

Advantages of learning the Quran and islamic studies online with the Al Hafidz Academy

There is no doubt that learning the Quran and islamic studies online  has many benefits, and among the advantages offered by Al-Hafidz Academy are the following:

Distinctive curriculum: 

The Al-Hafidz Academy offers Quran and Islamic studies online courses with modern and distinguished curricula. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of learners and enhance their understanding and language skills.

Diverse content: 

The platform provides a variety of educational materials, from beginners to advanced lessons. This allows students to choose from a variety of subjects and skills.

Consistent learning: 

Students can organize their time according to their schedules and can access educational content anytime and from anywhere, allowing them to learn flexibly.

Interactive and applied: 

The platform offers an interactive learning experience and quran and islamic studies online courses, where interactive activities and applied exercises are included that help students apply the concepts and skills they have learned.

Multiple Support: 

Students have the opportunity to communicate with teachers and participate in discussions via live chats or emails, which contributes to resolving queries and guiding students.

Evaluation and follow-up: 

The platform allows students to be provided with evaluations and feedback, which helps track their progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Al-Hafidz Academy represents a great model for learning Quran and Islamic studies online. Thanks to the advantages of Al-Hafidz Academy and its innovative approach,  Al-Hafidz Academy platform represents a valuable opportunity for students seeking to develop their language skills and increase their knowledge of the Arabic language.

Steps to seek Quran and Islamic studies online

  • Sincerity of purpose, so your learning of knowledge will be for the sake of Allah Almighty, so you will call to His religion with insight, and remove ignorance from yourself and others.
  • High determination, so you strive to read, understand, and memorize whenever you can, and spend your money and yourself for the sake of knowledge, and do not hesitate to sacrifice your time, and read the biographies of scholars, and know what their determination was like, and do not settle for inferiority.
  • Strive to acquire every knowledge from its people. If you do not find it, then seek out a great scholar from whom you can learn all other knowledge. If you do not find a scholar in one or more arts, let him be one of the greats and not the little ones.


At the end of the text, Al-Hafidz Academy offers various Quran and islamic studies online courses aimed at raising the Islamic generation in education consistent with the principles of Sharia law. If you would like to know more details, you can contact us.

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