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Choosing the Best Online Quranic Arabic Course

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What is the best online quranic arabic course? A frequently asked question among students who want to study Quranic Arabic online. As there are hundreds of websites that offer Quranic Arabic courses online and they do not know how to choose among them. 

In order to provide you with assistance and facilitate your affairs, we have conducted research on an online quranic arabic course Let’s dig deeper into the details in the following lines.

First, before we talk about the best quranic arabic course Let us take a quick overview of the advantages of learning Quranic Arabic online in the following paragraph.

Why learn Quranic Arabic online?

There are many benefits to learn with quranic arabic course at alhafidz academy, the most important of which are:


Joining an online quranic arabic course allows you to learn with multiple convenience options, where you can study in the rhythm that suits you at the hands of the best teachers and at the time that suits you, whatever your level. 

You also do not have to go and move between means of transportation to go to a real institute or school. You can access your lessons from anywhere in the world, whether in your country or traveling online!


An quranic arabic course does not require providing a place and study supplies for students. All that is required is the presence of a teacher and a smart device. So they are often less expensive than traditional classroom-based courses.


Learning online quranic arabic course gives you multiple options as there is a wide range of Quranic Arabic courses available online, so whatever your level or requests, you will find the best online quranic arabic course that is suitable for you.

What is the best online quranic arabic course?

There are many quranic arabic course but how can you choose the best online quranic arabic course? In fact, the best online quranic arabic course varies from one person to another according to his requirements and needs, as there are factors through which he can determine what is best for him.

Important tips for choosing the best online quranic arabic course 

We will present to you some of the most important factors that will help you get the best online quranic arabic course for you as the following 

1-Your learning style

The learning style that you want and feel is appropriate for your circumstances is a big factor when choosing a quranic arabic course, as some online training courses are more subjective, meaning that students are dealt with individually.

Each according to his level and the intensity of the lessons that suit him. While others offer direct, fixed instructions. So think about what will suit you and choose the course that matches your learning style.

2-Your level in the Arabic language and the Holy Quran

Also, your current level in the Arabic language and the level you want to reach is an important element. 

Some online quranic arabic course are designed for beginners, while others are designed for more advanced levels, so keep this in mind and choose the appropriate course for your level of Arabic.

3-Verify the course instructors

Make sure that the course teachers are qualified and experienced and that their teaching style and style match your understanding. 

You can check their credentials and you can see if their style matches yours with a free trial. Therefore, it is better to search for an online quranic arabic course that offers the possibility of obtaining a free trial.

So that you can try it yourself and judge whether you will be compatible with the course teacher or not.  

alhafidz academy allows you to take a free trial to attend a real session with one of its teachers so that you can discover more about them in a practical way. You can take the opportunity and benefit from it now!

4-Your budget

Your budget is also an important factor, as the prices of quranic arabic course vary, some of which have high costs, some of which are moderate and reasonable, so choose the course that suits your budget.

After we have explained some important tips for choosing the best online quranic arabic course, let us nominate to you alhafidz academy as the best Academy for quranic arabic course, but to be fair, let us discuss, is it really so?

Why choose alhafidz academy?

It is worth noting that there are many reasons that make you choose an online quranic arabic course at alhafidz academy, such as:

1-The curriculum is carefully laid out

The courses at alhafidz academy are carefully designed to cover all the topics and details that the student needs to achieve the best results. It also takes into account all levels, so the curriculum progresses smoothly until the student passes it with mastery and success.

2-Learn according to your path

The studying system at alhafidz academy does not proceed according to a rigid system, but rather there is flexibility. We allow you to choose the intensity of the lessons according to your circumstances.

As you can increase the number of sessions to complete the course in less time, or reduce it if your time is tight, in agreement and coordination with your teacher.

3-Suitable for all levels and ages

No matter your level, beginner, advanced, child or elderly. You will find the right course for you at alhafidz academy! Because it has courses that suit all ages and levels. In the beginning, students are evaluated to determine their level and choose the appropriate course for them.

4-Native and qualified teachers

All the teachers at alhafidz academy are native speakers, as the Arabic language is their mother tongue and they speak it fluently. They have studied the Arabic language and its sciences and mastered them in the largest Arab universities such as Al-Azhar University. 

They are also qualified and have extensive experience in teaching the Arabic language and the Holy Quran.

5-All Sessions Live

All courses are delivered live and are not pre-recorded to ensure the greatest degree of interaction between students and teachers, where the student can ask any questions or request a re-explanation of a specific part.

Which makes the session enjoy a high degree of vitality and interaction and increases the students’ ability to concentrate, comprehend, and prevent boredom.

6-Women teachers for sisters

In order to ensure that alhafidz academy provides all means of comfort and cooperation with students, it has appointed highly experienced female teachers to provide the best educational service to our sisters.

7-The cost is reasonable

alhafidz academy provides an online quranic arabic course and other courses are at very reasonable costs, suitable for all levels, to encourage them to learn the Holy Qur’an and Arabic language sciences without placing a high additional financial burden on them.

8-Offers a free trial

You can verify all of these features in a practical way, as you do not have to pay costs or participate in a full course without verifying for yourself that alhafidz academy offers it to you best online quranic arabic course. 

Therefore, alhafidz academy allows you to try the course before committing to purchasing it to discover all its details. Don’t hesitate and try now!


We discussed in the previous lines the best online quranic arabic course. We have explained the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing an academy for online quranic arabic course. We have also nominated alhafidz academy for you because of its wonderful features that make it your first choice.

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