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arabic and islamic studies online are considered one of the most important sciences in Islam, as they are considered a main source of the teachings and directives of the Islamic religion, and form the basis for determining the Sharia rulings and their application in daily life. 

It also includes the study of the Noble Book (the Holy Qur’an), the Sunnah of the Prophet, the Noble Hadiths, the Prophet’s biography, jurisprudence, principles, and other branches. In this article, we review the importance of arabic and islamic studies online, their types and divisions, and their relationship with other sciences.

What are islamic studies?

arabic and islamic studies online are the religious sciences that study Islam and Islamic law, and include a wide range of topics related to doctrine, jurisprudence, interpretation, hadith, the biography of the Prophet, Islamic history, and others. Sharia sciences are divided into several branches, the most prominent of which are:


It is the study of legal rulings and the branches related to them through the study of legal texts from the Holy Qur’an, the Sunnah of the Prophet, prophetic traditions, and legal deduction.


It is the study of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an and their interpretation by studying the Qur’anic texts, Islamic history, the Arabic language, and others.


It is the study of the Prophet’s hadiths, their verification, translation, study of their chain of transmission, narrators, and others.


It is the study of religious beliefs and concepts, monotheism, faith, and others.

What is the importance of islamic studies?

The importance of arabic and islamic studies online is represented in many aspects, the most important of which are:

A sound understanding of Islam: 

arabic and islamic studies online helps Muslims understand Islamic law more deeply and accurately, and learn about the truth of Islam, its meanings, rulings, and teachings.

Clarifying religious concepts: 

doctrinal principles, obligations, rights, duties, and Islamic approaches to worship, morals, dealings, and dealings.

Achieving justice: 

in society, determining people’s rights and duties, and achieving equality between people in rights and duties.

Social reform: 

arabic and islamic studies online help achieve social reform, improve social life, and identify the causes of corruption in society and the mechanism for treating it.

Strengthening the relationship with Allah: 

achieving integrity, attaining piety, increasing closeness to Allah, and achieving the highest goal in life.

Departments of islamic studies 

The arabic and islamic studies online were divided in terms of the applied compulsory aspect as follows:

1-An individual obligation

It is a legal concept that relates to the duties that a Muslim must perform. Prayer is obligatory for every Muslim, so we say that prayer is an individual obligation.

Meaning that it is obligatory and must be performed, and whoever abandons it is sinful. The matter also applies to prohibitions, such as alcohol, gambling, theft, and adultery, as it is forbidden to Muslim do it.

2-Sufficient assumption

It is a term that means that there are actions that, if carried out by some, are waived from the rest, as they are obligatory orders, but on some Muslims and not others.

Such as: the funeral prayer, enjoining good and forbidding evil, or establishing the caliphate, but if a sufficient number do not perform these obligations, then there is sin.

What is the relationship between islamic studies and other sciences?

There is a close relationship between arabic and islamic studies online and other sciences, as islamic studies depend on other sciences to perform their tasks in a way that meets the requirements of the times. Among the most important sciences related to arabic and islamic studies online are:

1-Natural sciences

arabic and islamic studies online benefit from the natural sciences in understanding the universe and its creation and analyzing the verses of the Holy Qur’an that talk about natural phenomena. It also uses modern scientific knowledge in determining prayer times, direction toward the Qiblah, etc.

 2-Social sciences

arabic and islamic studies online benefit from social sciences in studying social, political, economic, psychological, and other life. They also use social and moral concepts in building Islamic society and knowing the changes that have occurred in society.


This is to understand the human psyche and human behavior, while studying social psychology to know the external influences that have an actual impact on human behavior regarding the society in which he lives. Human knowledge is also resorted to to determine proper Islamic behavior and apply it in daily life. 

4-Medical sciences

arabic and islamic studies online is turning towards medical sciences to study the Sharia rulings related to health, treatment, medicines, etc., and Sharia sciences use medical knowledge.

To determine the Sharia rulings related to fasting and Hajj, and here the value of Sharia science is evident, whose rulings are based on medical sciences to determine what is most appropriate.

Explanation of some basic legal terms

There are many arabic and islamic studies online terms that those interested in islamic studies must understand well, and the most important of these terms are:


It is the belief in the oneness of Allah Almighty, and that there is no god but Him alone, without partners.


It is the belief of Muslims that Allah Almighty chose some people to be messengers who convey his message and teachings to people.


It is the message that Allah revealed to His messengers so that they could convey its teachings to people.

The Holy Qur’an: 

It is the book of Allah that was revealed to the Prophet, and it contains the teachings of Islam and Islamic law.

The Sunnah of the Prophet: 

It is the teachings, actions and sayings narrated by the Prophet, and is considered a main source of legal rulings.

Islamic Sharia: 

It is the set of legal rulings found in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and includes beliefs, morals, transactions, acts of worship, and others.


An advisory opinion approved by a Muslim religious scholar on a legal issue, and is considered an important source of guidance in legal matters.

Halal and Haram: 

These are the two terms that refer to the things that Muslims are permitted to do, and the things that they are forbidden from doing.



It becomes clear from this explanation that the arabic and islamic studies online are among the most important sciences in Islam, as they are a major source of religious teachings and rulings, and through them a person can achieve reconciliation between transmission and reason. 

We also find great interest in Al Hafidz Academy to teach arabic and islamic studies online in these sciences, and they are taught by an elite group of scholars. Specialists and sheikhs, as well as memorizing the Holy Qur’an and the provisions of Tajweed and pronunciation in the Arabic language. Once you communicate with the academy, your journey begins to delve deeper into this vast sea.

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