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10 Best Arabic Learning Apps to Launch Your Language Journey

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Searching for Best Arabic Learning Apps became a pressing issue, whether you are native or non Arabic speaker.

After the substantial opening in the Middle East, That environment has become conducive to investment, creating numerous job opportunities for individuals from around the world.

This influences the non-Arabs’ need to learn arabic.

Also, due to the current events in the Middle East, many Westerners have a keen desire to learn about Arab culture and the Quran.

In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best Arabic learning app that will pave the way for a seamless and immersive language journey.

Ten Best Arabic Learning Apps

Best Arabic Learning Apps depend on individual  preferences, goals, and learning styles, and here is a guide to find your goal:


It’s one of the Best Arabic Learning Apps, Now we will learn more about its advantages, and drawbacks:


1-User-Friendly Interface: 

 It is accessible for learners of all ages and levels, creating a comfortable environment for learning.

2-Gamified Learning Experience:

 This adds a playful aspect to language learning, motivating users to stay consistent with their studies.

3-cost consideration

Free access to core content, and for the premium version it’s affordable.


1-Duolingo Plus operates on a subscription model, requiring users to pay a recurring fee for access to premium features.

3-The free version heavily relies on internet connectivity, and offline access to lessons is a feature restricted to Plus version

2-Rosetta Stone:

For a more immersive experience, Rosetta is one of the Best Arabic Learning Apps.


1-Immersive Learning: 

Mimics the natural way of acquiring a language, enhancing immersion.

2-Focused Pronunciation Instruction:

Focuses on correct pronunciation for better language skills.

3-Comprehensive Vocabulary:

That is very helpful for non-arab to get engaged with the Arabic language.


1- May lack the interactive engagement found in some other apps.

2-Could be more expensive compared to some other effective Arabic learning apps.


Babbel is considered as Best Arabic Learning Apps Tailored for beginners.


1-Beginner-Friendly: Specifically designed for beginners, easing the entry into Arabic language learning.

2-Practical Conversations: 

Supplemented with practical dialogues enhances real-life communication skills.


Babbel is one of Best Arabic Learning Apps  that offers a more budget-friendly option compared to some premium language learning platforms.


Babbel may  have limitations for advanced learners seeking more complex language challenges.

4-Noorani Qaida With Audio app

It can be considered as the best app to learn arabic for quran


1-Structured Chapters:

 The app is organized into 17 chapters, beginning with fundamental Arabic alphabets. Users progress seamlessly from learning individual letters to forming words and sentences with correct pronunciation.

2-Audio Recitation: 

Noorani Qaida goes beyond chapter categorization. It includes audio recitations of alphabets, words, and sentences, aiding users in grasping the accurate pronunciation of Arabic words.

3-Develops Quranic Reading Skills: Noorani Qaida serves as an effective tool for improving Quran recitation and reading skills.


the app may lack advanced content for users seeking more in-depth knowledge of Arabic grammar and vocabulary.


Memrise employs a best app to learn arabic as follows:


1-Mnemonic Techniques: Incorporates memory aid techniques for more effective retention of vocabulary.

2-Multimedia Content: 

diverse media formats, enhancing engagement and understanding.

3-own account: 

Allows learners to create and share their own content, promoting a collaborative learning environment.


It May not provide as much interest of grammar rules compared to some other language learning apps.



ArabicPod101 is an online platform offering best arabic learning app

 through audio and video lessons.


1-Audio and Video Lessons:

Uses diverse media formats for engaging and comprehensive learning.

2-Cultural Insights: 

Often includes cultural context in lessons, enhancing understanding beyond language.

3-Varied Proficiency Levels: 

Offers content suitable for beginners to advanced learners.


1-limiting access for free users

users may need to subscribe to access more comprehensive lessons.

2-Emphasis on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA): 

ArabicPod101 primarily focuses on Modern Standard Arabic, and while this is beneficial for formal contexts, it may not cover the intricacies of regional dialects, limiting its applicability for conversational Arabic in specific regions.

2-Self motivated learning

Without external accountability, individuals might find it challenging to stay committed to long-term goals.

7-Mango Languages:

One of the Best Arabic Learning Apps that offers multiple learning choices


1-Diverse Range of Arabic Courses: Mango Languages provides a comprehensive selection of Arabic courses, covering both Modern and Standard Arabic.

2- Culturally Rich Content:

 The courses on Mango Languages are designed to be practical and culturally relevant.

3-Voice Comparison Feature: 

Mango Languages includes a voice comparison feature, allowing learners to compare their pronunciation with native speakers.


1-its full range of features may require a subscription fee. This could be a consideration for users on a tight budget.

2-more suitable for beginners due to its Limited Advanced Content.


Busuu is considered as one of the best arabic learning apps because of the following:

1-Social Learning Platform: 

Busuu combines language learning with a social network, allowing users to practice Arabic with native speakers, receive feedback, and engage in interactive conversations for a more immersive experience

2-Grammar and Vocabulary Lessons:

 The app includes comprehensive grammar and vocabulary lessons, offering a structured learning path for users to build a solid foundation in Arabic language structure.


1-Subscription Fee for Premium Features: While Busuu offers free access to basic language lessons, some advanced features and personalized study plans may require a subscription fee.

2-Dependence on Internet Connectivity

limitation for users in areas with unreliable or limited internet access

3-Emphasis on European Languages: Busuu originally focused on European languages, and while it has expanded its offerings, the depth of resources for less commonly taught languages, including certain Arabic dialects, may be limited


Lingodeer’s intuitive design and structured lessons make it best app to learn arabic. 


1-Intuitive Design

Lingodeer’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it accessible for learners at various levels.

2-Structured curriculum

 The app provides structured lessons covering reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.


1-Advanced learners may find Lingodeer’s content more beneficial for beginner and intermediate levels

2-advanced lessons may require a subscription fee.


Anki use specific repetition method to

 tailor your learning experience and effectively memorize words and phrases.

1-Spaced Repetition Technique

Anki utilizes spaced repetition, optimizing the timing of reviewing flashcards based on individual learning progress.

2-Offline Accessibility:

 Once decks are downloaded, Anki allows offline access to flashcards.


1-may be more suitable for learners with some foundational knowledge, not beginners.

2-lack the gamified elements found in some other language learning apps


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Searching for best arabic learning apps could be your firepoint to continue your Arabic learning journey.

 The right language learning app can significantly enhance your experience. Whether you prefer a gamified approach, immersive techniques, or social interaction, the diverse range of apps mentioned in this article caters to different learning styles. Select the app that aligns with your preferences and dive into the world of Arabic language and culture. With consistent practice and the aid of these apps, you’ll find yourself making strides in your language journey.

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