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Mastering Juz Amma: A Fun and Effective Schedule for Kids’ Memorization!

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Are you searching for fun ways to help your kid memorize Juz Amma? If yes then you are in the right place.

The holy Quran consists of 30 Juz 114 surahs, and 6666 verses including bismillah. Which juz is Amma? It is the last Juz in the holy Quran, it is the Juz number 30.

Why is it the best Juz to start with for kids? Because it consists of short surahs that are easy to memorize and understand. What makes it even better is that the child can recite the surahs he memorizes when praying, which makes it easier for the child to remember and practice. Plus, because it consists of short surahs, when the child memorizes one of them he will feel proud and be encouraged to memorize the next one.

How to memorize juz amma? What is its list of surahs? Let’s find out.

What Is Juz Amma?

It is the last Juz in the holy Quran and it consists of 37 short surahs. Starting from surah Naba, surah number 78, and ending with surah Al-Nas, surah number 114. Why is it called Juz Amma? Because its first word is ‘amma /عم’, therefore it was called after the first word in its first surah.

All the surahs in this juz call people to obey Allah, follow his orders, worship him, and as a reminder of the day of judgment and resurrection.

The reason behind its name

Why is it called Juz Amma? It was called “Amma” because the first word in its first surah is the word ‘Amma’, therefore, the juz was named after it. the surahs in this part of the Quran revolve around the day of judgment, resurrection, and the fact that Allah is the one who created this universe and all the creatures from nothing and he can resurrect us again.

The surahs mention what will happen on the day of judgment, the punishments of the disbelievers, and the rewards of the believers. It works as a reminder that this life will come to an end and that we should do our best for the afterlife.   

juz amma mishary


Fun Facts About the Last Juz of the Quran for Kids.

  1. It is the last part of the holy Quran, section number 30.
  2. The first surah in this part is surah Naba (Chapter 78) and the last is Surah Al-Nas (Chapter 114).
  3. The surahs in this juz are short and are easy to memorize and recite in prayers.
  4. It consists of 37 surahs (chapters).
  5. Some of the surahs that most Muslims memorize to recite at prayers are from the last part of the Quran, like Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Nas, and Surah Al-Falaq.
  6. The topics discussed in the final part of the Quran include the oneness of Allah, resurrection, the day of judgment, seeking refuge in Allah from evil, the punishment of the disbelievers, and the rewards of the believers.
  7. It is the easiest part of the holy Quran for kids and adults to memorize which makes it the best juz to start with when memorizing Quran.  

How many surahs are in the last Juz of the Quran?

The number of Juz Ammah surahs are 37 surahs. The first surah is the surah number 78, and it is called surah Al-Naba, and the last surah is the surah number 114, and the last surah in the holy Quran is called surah Al-Nas.

All the surahs in the last part of the Quran are Meccan surahs except for two surahs which are Medinan surahs and they are surah Nasr and surah Al-Bayyinah.

Tips to Memorize Juz Amma for kids in a fun and effective way.

Before we dive deeper into some effective tips and tricks to help your child memorize the last part of the Quran let’s first discuss the various methods you have. The first method is enrolling your child in a memorization class, and be sure to schedule memorizing juz amma lessons where your child will learn at the hands of professional and experienced tutors.

Experienced Quran teachers use fun and effective teaching techniques that suit the child’s age and capabilities. This will make learning fun and easy to understand and memorize. All the surahs will be explained in a simple manner for the child to comprehend and be able to memorize more easily. Al Hafidz Academy offers you the best Quran memorization classes for kids, all our classes are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure that you can easily set a learning schedule for your child. Also, we have male and female teachers so if you are looking for a female child for your daughter you don’t need to look any further.

The second method is teaching the child yourself, and don’t worry we are here to help you out. Here are some tips and tricks to help you set the best schedule for your child to memorize Juz amma easily and in a fun way:

  1. Determine when you want your kid to finish memorizing the Full Juz. This of course depends on many factors, for instance, your child’s age, his learning capabilities, and the amount of free time you have to teach your child. It could be a couple of months or a year and that’s okay, don’t rush yourself or force your child to memorize more than he can or he will not be able to continue. Remember, we want to make memorizing the Quran fun and easy for the child.
  2. Divide the Juz Amma into sections. You can divide it into a group of surahs, for instance, if the surahs are short then you could help your child memorize two surahs or three, but if the surah is long, then you could divide it into verses and let your child memorize a specific number of verses every day.
  3. If you want your child to memorize easily and don’t forget the surahs then Consistency is the key. Set a time for learning Quran daily even if it is only 10 or 20 minutes. Let your child practice reciting the verses or surahs that he has memorized before moving on to the next one.
  4. Revision is the best tool for never forgetting and mastering Quran memorization. Before starting with the new surah or verses, revise the previous ones for better retention. Also, encourage your child to pray with the surahs that he has memorized, this will encourage him and help him practice even more.  
  5. For kids to memorize the surahs effectively you need to first help them understand the meaning of each surah or verse. This will help kids build stronger connections with the Quran, deepen their faith, and enhance their recitation. Try to explain the meaning of the surahs using stories, games, activities, and illustrations.
  6. To encourage your kid divide the memorization journey into milestones. When memorizing a pat or some surahs celebrate the child, and give him a reward or a gift. Rewards and gifts encourage kids to learn.
  7. Remember Quran memorization requires patience and consistency, don’t lose hope fast.

That is it, now you can help your kid memorize the last Juz of the Quran in a fun and easy way, and enjoy learning.

List of Surahs.

Here is a list of the total numbers of surahs found in Juz Amma, the number of verses in each one of them, and its order in the holy Quran:


Surah NumberSurah nama in EnglishSurah Nama in ArabicNumber of VersesMeccan surah / Medinan surah
78Surah Al-Naba.سورة النبإ40 Ayasurah Meccan
79Surah Al-Nazaat.سورة النازعات46 Ayasurah Meccan
80Surah Abs.سورة عبس42 Ayasurah Meccan
81Surah At-Takwir.سورة التكوير29 Ayasurah Meccan
82Surah Al-Infitar.سورة الانفطار19 Ayasurah Meccan
83Surah Al-Mutaffifin.سورة المطففين36 Ayasurah Meccan
84Surah Al-Inshiqaq.سورة الانشقاق25 Ayasurah Meccan
85Surah Al-Buruj.سورة البروج22 Ayasurah Meccan
86Surah Al-Tariq.سورة الطارق17 Ayasurah Meccan
87Surah Al-Aela.سورة الأعلى19 Ayasurah Meccan
88Surah Al-Ghashiyaسورة الغاشية26 Ayasurah Meccan
89Surah Al-Fajrسورة الفجر30 Ayasurah Meccan
90Surah Al-Baladسورة البلد20 Ayasurah Meccan
91Surah Al-Shamsسورة الشمس15 Ayasurah Meccan
92Surah Al-Lailسورة الليل21 Ayasurah Meccan
93Surah Duhaسورة الضحى11 Ayasurah Meccan
94Surah Al-Sharhسورة الشرح8 Ayatsurah Meccan
95Surah Al-Tinسورة التين8 Ayatsurah Meccan
96Surah Al-Alaqسورة العلق19 Ayasurah Meccan
97Surah Al-Qadrسورة القدر5 Ayatsurah Meccan
98Surah Al-Bayyinahسورة البينة8 Ayatsurah Medinan
99Surah Al-Zalzalahسورة الزلزلة8 Ayatsurah Medinan
100Surah Al-Adiyatسورة العاديات11 Ayasurah Meccan
101Surah Al-Qariahسورة القارعة11 Ayasurah Meccan
102Surah At-Takasurسورة التكاثر8 Ayatsurah Meccan
103Surah Al-Asrسورة العصر3 Ayatsurah Meccan
104Surah Al-Hamzaسورة الهُمزة9 Ayatsurah Meccan
105Surah Al-Filسورة الفيل5 Ayatsurah Meccan
106Surah Quraishسورة قريش4 Ayatsurah Meccan
107Surah Al-Maunسورة الماعون7 Ayatsurah Meccan
108Surah Al-Kawtharسورة الكوثر3 Ayatsurah Meccan
109Surah Al-Kafirunسورة الكافرون6 Ayatsurah Meccan
110Surah Al-Nasrسورة النصر3 Ayatsurah Medinan
111Surah Al-Masadسورة المسد5 Ayatsurah Meccan
112Surah Al-Ikhlasسورة الإخلاص4 Ayatsurah Meccan
113Surah Al-Falaqسورة الفلق5 Ayatsurah Meccan
114Surah Al-Nasسورة الناس6 Ayatsurah Meccan


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Now you know how to encourage kids memorize Juz Amma in a fun and effective way, the reason behind its name, its number of surahs and a complete list of its surahs to make it easier for you to divide and prepare your leaning plan.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found what you were looking for. If you need any help or have any questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.    

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