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Elevate Your Linguistic Abilities: Speak Arabic the Right Way

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How to speak Arabic quickly and easily? Well, there are many ways to do so but most importantly you need a good learning plan.

Before we see the best way to learn to speak Arabic first tell me, why do you want to learn Arabic? Is it because you like learning new languages, because you want to read the Arabic Quran, you seek to live in an Arab country, or because a friend or family member advised you to learn Arabic?

Why am I asking you this question? Because based on your answer you can set your learning plan. For instance, if you seek to learn Arabic to learn Quran reading in its main language then you should learn classical Arabic. If you want to live in an Arab country, then you should decide which country and learn its Arabic dialect, and if you’re learning Arabic because you like the language then learn the dialect that you like the most.

From this, we understand that based on your objective of learning the language you can start preparing your learning plan and strategy.

Arabic is one of the most beautiful and rich languages to learn, it is not just a language, it has a culture and history behind it, with more than 270 million speakers around the world, and the number keeps increasing. But why? Why are there many people seeking to learn to speak Arabic? Because it opens many doors and opportunities to its learners. Once you learn it you can travel to an Arab country and find your dream job.

Before we show you the best way to learn to speak Arabic, we will first talk about how much will it take you to master it.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Arabic?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Arabic? Well, I think you already know the answer to this one. There is no specific period of time for learning to speak Arabic. It all depends on the time you devote to learning the language, your learning strategy, the learning methods and techniques, your motivation, and your objective of learning it.

However, there is an estimation that it takes around 88 weeks for the English speaker to learn to speak Arabic fluently. But that of course differs from one person to another. The estimation takes into account only the difficulty of the language and not the other important factors.

Don’t worry, Arabic learning is not hard and doesn’t take much time, and as long as you have a learning goal you will learn fast, and with the following easy steps, it will be easier than you can imagine.

5 Best Ways to Learn Arabic.

Learning Arabic fast or slow depends on the way and strategy you follow; therefore, we offer you the best way to learn to speak Arabic easily in no time.

1. Learn the Arabic Alphabet and script.

Now that you have defined why you want to learn to speak Arabic it is time to put your plan into action, and the first step is to learn the Arabic alphabet. Learn their different shapes and how they change depending on their place in the word, how to pronounce each letter and its articulation point, last and but not least you should keep in mind that the Arabic letters are written and read from right to left, unlike the English language.

Don’t worry, learning the Arabic alphabet doesn’t take much time and they are actually easy to learn. There are 28 letters in the Arabic language, and they are all easy to learn. The best thing is that there are many Arabic learning online resources to help you master the language.

For instance, you can learn the Arabic alphabet by listening to kids’ songs, many Arabic learners start to learn to speak Arabic the same way, because songs tend to stick in the brain. And without knowing it you will be able to recall all the letters easily.

2. Learn the most used Arabic Words and Phrases.

If you seek to learn to speak Arabic fast and want to start speaking right away then you should learn the common Arabic words and the most used phrases because It is essential to build and increase your Arabic vocabulary.

Remember, when learning any new language don’t focus on enhancing just one skill, you should work on all the skills at the same time. For instance, learn new words, watch Arabic movies to enhance your listening skills, mimic what you hear to enhance your speaking skills, and be fluent in Arabic, and don’t forget to write every new word and phrase you learn to enhance your writing skills too.  

Here are some of the most common Arabic words and phrases that will help you learn to speak Arabic in no time:

Hello  Mar’habaمرحبا
Good morningSabah Al Kheyrصباح الخير
Good eveningMasa Al Kheyrمساء الخير
GoodbyeMa’a salaamaمع السلامة
How are you? Keef Halak?كيف حالك؟
Fine, thanksBikheyr, Shukran بخير، شكرا
You are welcomeAfwan  عفواً
My name isAna Ismiiإسمى
YesNa’am /Aywah  نعم / أيوة
NoLa’a  لا
OkHasanan / ha’dir / Na’am  حسنا / حاضر / نعم
PleaseMin fadlik / Arjuuk من فضلك/ أرجوك
SorryAasif  آسف
Excuse melow samaht لو سمحت
I don’t know Ana la a’rif أنا لا أعرف
I don’t understand Ana la afham أنا لا أفهم
Could you repeat again? Mumkin ta’iid Taanii? ممكن تعيد ثانى؟
I don’t speak Arabic Ana la atakalam al Arabiyaأنا لا أتكلم العربية

3. Repeat and revise.

To learn to speak Arabic faster you must practice what you learn and the best way to do so is through repetition and revision. Don’t just depend on memorizing the new words and phrases once you have to revise them all every now and then.

A good way to do so is to use what you learn in your daily life, for instance, try to name everything around you and everything that you see on your way home. If there is something that you don’t know search for its meaning and add it to your vocabulary list.  

Also, try to revise what you learned the previous day before you start learning something new and you will see how better you get in your Arabic learning.

4. learn to speak Arabic like natives.

This is one of the most crucial steps when learning to speak Arabic. If you don’t memorize the word according to its right spelling, it will stick in your brain the way you memorized it. Therefore, when you try to memorize a new word listen to its right pronunciation and repeat it a couple of times.

Another advice is to immerse yourself in the language and watch Arabic movies, series, TV shows, programs, and songs. Try to repeat a part of the dialogue and record yourself then compare it and see if you got it right or not. Don’t give up, keep working on your pronunciation and you will get it right, and in no time, you will speak like a native speaker.

Furthermore, you don’t need a partner to study Arabic with, you can simply make a conversation with yourself, express your feelings and thoughts in Arabic, and talk about your day in front of a mirror to see your body language and enhance it as well.

5. Enroll in an Online Arabic course

The final step is learning Arabic with a professional Arabic tutor. There are many courses out there, and that’s what makes the process overwhelming. There are too many courses to choose from and you don’t know which one suits you or not and if the teacher is reliable or not.

Al Hafidz Academy solved this problem for you, we offer you a variety of Arabic courses to suit your requirements and needs. All our teachers are certified and qualified with many years of experience, and they are native Arabic speakers, which means that you will learn the right Arabic pronunciation, and you will learn to speak Arabic fluently.


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